About us

Aim of the group

To reduce bovine TB and ultimately aim to make Cornwall free of the disease.

The Group will seek to influence how the England TB Eradication strategy is implemented in Cornwall. We will seek to innovate by trialling approaches best-suited to the Cornish situation. The Group will link both strategically with Defra nationally and on a more practical level through local networks. The group will develop a collective understanding of new and existing research and use this together with the members’ first-hand experience of farming, veterinary practice, academic research and wildlife conservation in Cornwall.



Functions of the group

  • To maintain an overview of the bovine TB situation in Cornwall
  • To act as a conduit for farmers and vets on the ground to feedback specific local issues and concerns to Defra and APHA for their attention
  • To investigate where new national and international research and local knowledge can usefully inform the detail of how the England TB Eradication Strategy is implemented in Cornwall
  • Set up innovative projects and initiatives in line with the national strategy that the group thinks may be useful in Cornwall
  • When we have identified how we can add value to the strategy we will advocate our findings both nationally and locally to enable delivery
  • Where we come across gaps in knowledge or information we will address these
  • Where we identify a lack of research we will highlight these to Defra and academic institutions/research councils
  • To investigate funding opportunities to support the work of Group
  • To monitor our own effectiveness as a Group Communicate with Defra, local farmer and vet groups, associated businesses, the media and the general public in line with an agreed communications plan
  • To steer the work of any associated volunteer, researcher, intern or similar that the group takes on to deliver specific areas of work.