TB in Cornwall

How much TB is there in Cornwall? Are the numbers going up or down? How much TB is there near me?


A huge amount of data is collected on TB breakdowns in Cornwall and across the country.

Below are several links to reliable information sources which will help answer these questions.

For detailed TB data in your area


This website displays detailed locations of TB breakdowns in an interactive map created by Defra and APHA. You can move around the country and zoom in and out to explore the data, or enter a specific CPHH number in the search tool in the top right. When zoomed in, the location (registered address) of each individual breakdown is displayed as a dark blue dot. Clusters of breakdowns (ie several in the same area) are displayed as larger coloured circles with the number in the circle telling you how many are in that area. You can also select ongoing (currently active) or closed (previous breakdowns that are now resolved) using the menu on the left.

For county level TB trends and summaries

TB Stats Dashboard

Dr Andy Robertson (Exeter University and member of the Cornwall TBEG) has created an interactive TB dashboard displaying county level TB data for Cornwall and other counties across GB.

Summary of TB in Cornwall

The above data has also been produced as a downloadable two page summary displaying the latest TB data for the county.

Defra/APHA TB data sources

The above websites all use the latest official statistics from Defra and APHA, but several other reports and data sets can be found on government websites.